Having good tires on your vehicle is important. Tires age and get worn out. Tire failure while driving can cause you to lose control and wreck. A flat can leave you stranded. We want you to stay safe out there. Replace old, worn out tires before anything goes wrong. The Service Station in Clarksville Arkansas is best place to go for tires. We care about your safety and do our best to provide quality, affordable service.

Checking tire tread depth and wear with a penny on Lincoln's head

Tire tread should be deeper than 1/16 of an inch. An easy way to check the tread is to use a penny! Take your penny and insert Abe Lincoln's head into the tread. Hopefully at least part of his forehead is below the tread. If his entire head is visible then you need new tires!!


Tread depth isn't the only thing to look for when checking your tires. If your alignment is off your tires might wear unevenly, causing you to need new tires sooner. Uneven wear is also a sign that you should bring your car in.

three wheels with new tires isolated on a white background

Problems can also appear in the sidewall. Cracks or cuts in side wall are easy to see with the naked eye and do not need to be ignored. They can be a sign that your tire is developing a leak or about to blow out! If you notice any damage to sidewall of your tires bring your vehicle in as soon as you can!